Wednesday, August 22, 2007

three moves that will get you into trouble

t is not uncommon anymore for people to be up to their eyes in debt. It is almost something that has become socially accepted just because there are millions of Americans who do not know how to manage their money. For most of those people, the phrase “personal debt consolidation” can be like angels singing in their ears. But, is debt consolidation really what's cracked up to be?

For most people, if you were really able to cut all their payments in half and then put all of their debt into one place, they still wouldn't be able to afford to make the payment. This is not uncommon because people think that since they are paying this amount of debt off in one lump sum, then they can afford to rack of the credit cards again or live the expensive lifestyle they have already been living and got them into trouble in the first place. So when they hear phrases such as “personal debt consolidation is just a click away!” they can't help but be sucked in.

There are three moves that will get you into trouble when you get into the personal debt consolidation world. Find out what they are at Debt Consolidation made EZ

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